Medical Tourism

Private clinics

Private clinics in the Czech Republic have the latest technology, including English speaking specialists, most of them with internationally recognised qualifications and practice experience in western countries such as the US and the UK, all at a fraction of the price that would be paid in those countries. The clinics are located in Prague as well as in another cities such as Brno, Zlin, Ostrava and Opava in the Moravian region.

Czech surgeons undertake several years of specialist training before they are allowed to operate. In the Czech Republic the title Doctor of Medicine (Medicinae Universae Doctor - MUDr.) is given to graduates from a Medical Faculty after studying for six years. This title allows a graduate to practice medicine in a hospital as an assistant physician (resident) or in an outpatient establishment under the supervision of another qualified doctor.
Postgraduate medical education is based on a two-step specialisation - the compulsory first degree of specialisation for every doctor practicing medicine and the second specialisation degree that is mandatory only for physicians in leading positions. Surgeons need to be licensed and certified to perform surgery in the Czech Republic.

CZECHinbound will be pleased to help you to find the best clinic or place for your treatment which suits your needs and wishes.

CZECHinbound offers internationally renowned experts in the fields of:

  • Cosmetic surgery

    Cosmetic surgeryCosmetic surgery can make a real difference to your quality of life, especially when performed professionally and with skill. The Czech Republic is one of the newly emerging medical tourism destinations and offers a number of highly qualified surgeons with many years of experience and a large track record of successful operations.

    CZECHinbound will be pleased to offer you the best Czech laser treatment centres known both for their laser technology equipment as well as their complex range of services which help the clients to keep their health and beauty. All clinics specialists are fully trained and accredited. Each team of surgeons has very high professional qualifications participating in many scientific conferences that take place in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

    One of the best clinic located in the Moravian region obtained the accreditation of the Medical Chamber of the Czech Republic along with the title "Centre of Excellence" granted by the American Association for the use of Laser Medicine.

  • Eye surgery

    CZECHinbound cooperates with a high-tech private clinic whose long-term tradition of eye surgery has been widely recognized and respected.

    Eye surgeryThe health care provided in this clinic is the result of the cooperation and the personal approach of a medical team supervised by renowned doctors and equipped with the latest technology. The helpfulness of its staff and the effort to meet the client’s requirements and needs is commonplace. For this reason the clinic provides some of its services including certain operations during weekends as well as in late afternoons.

    The team of specialists is headed by an eye surgeon with many years of experience, who is highly recognized not just in the Czech Republic but also internationally. He is well-known for his numerous contributions to the field of eye medicine by performing a number of unique eye operations, which were often performed for the first time in the Czech Republic or in the world.

  • Infertility treatment

    Infertility treatmentPlanning your IVF treatment individually requires a personal approach to all aspects of your treatment, including cost. CZECHinbound cooperates with the best known private clinics which provide online consultations, excellent individual care and with no waiting time.

    The clinics have put into practise techniques and methods of assisted reproduction which are available at the best European clinics and staffed by conscientious teams of medical professionals committed to offering the highest level of integrity and service to their patients and their physicians.

  • Obesity surgery

    The Czech Republic has emerged as one of the leading countries in the area of bariatric surgery and obesity treatment. Some of the best Czech bariatric surgeons and also internists are members of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) and also participate in trainings for professionals all around the world.

    The Czech Republic has 30 years of experience of a comprehensive approach to obesity treatment which includes: dietary treatment; exercise; behavioral modification; drug treatment; and bariatric surgery. Vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG), gastric banding, laparoscopic nonadjustable and adjustable gastric bandings have been used over this period.