Medical Tourism

The Czech Republic as a medical tourism destination

The Czech Republic became a popular health tourism destination due to a rapid growth of high quality private healthcare facilities, equipped to the highest standards, offering world class care at a fraction of the price paid in Western Europe. As a result of this boom in private healthcare facilities, the Czech Republic has become a hotspot for medical tourism, with low cost, high quality surgery attracting tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Medical TourismCZECHinbound is ready to generate your entire package for you, including accommodation as well as sightseeing trips at an all inclusive price. We take care of your medical trip from the beginning to the end. We always clarify the final price with no hidden costs included.This gives you the advantage of knowing the exact overall cost of your treatment and trip as well as taking away from you the hassle of arranging your treatment stay yourself. We are a small sized company, with a tailored approach to every client.

Should you have an inquiry or wish to discuss your case with a specialist, please fill in the form below and send it to us. You can rest safe in the knowledge that all information will be treated as strictly confidential.

Natural healing spa

Medical spas and rehabilitation - a health, relaxation and rehabilitation centre which can help conditions from rheumatism, disc prolapse, to circulatory and nervous system problems or providing early cardiac rehabilitation - has existed in the Czech Republic for well over a hundred years.

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Private clinics

Private clinics in the Czech Republic have the latest technology, including English speaking specialists, most of them with internationally recognised qualifications and practice experience in western countries such as the US and the UK, all at a fraction of the price that would be paid in those countries.

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