Admire MORAVIA - region famous for its still live traditions !

You can find approximately one hundred cellar lanes in Moravia. Some of them even create cellar complexes with hundreds of buildings. Their genius loci, permanently increasing quality of produced wine and hospitality of local people attract thousands of visitors. They are welcome and the cellars open to them. We have selected the most interesting items from the rich offer of the cellar lanes and events in the wine region of Moravia for you.

How to Make Wine?

The visitors of the picturesque villages in Moravia will be attracted mainly by the architecture of buildings above cellars. Within the scope of the exhibitions the visitors will get to know the cellar management, i.e. what is done with grapes and wine in a cellar.

Tastes and Smells of South Moravia

The cuisine reflects the life style of a region, the geographic conditions and the farming style. That is why we would like to present such a mirror to the visitors of the Region of South Moravia. We want to present the South Moravia in its complete diversity, tastes, smells and picturesqueness.